County Cork, Ireland

An enchanting landscape with friendly-locals, and cities brimming with small-town charm

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The largest and southernmost county in Ireland, County Cork will bewitch and beguile with its beauty and pleasant disposition. With fascinating history, a foodie focus, and enough charisma to make it one of the most visited areas in Ireland, you’ll feel right at home among the friendly locals and cities brimming with small-town charm.

A sight for sore eyes indeed! The expansive region is home to a captivating coastline that varies from calm and sandy to rugged and rocky. Port towns like Schull, Baltimore, and Kinsale are known as yachting havens and the striking beauty of Bantry and Glengarriff will leave you breathless. Inland you’ll discover the vivid green hills speckled with farms and dairy cows. Your appetite for stunning vistas will certainly be satiated as you explore the landscape that encompasses pastoral rolling hills, gorgeous bays, and jagged cliffs jutting dramatically into the Atlantic.

The cultural offerings in County Cork are nearly as vast as the enchanting landscape. Blarney Castle beckons you to visit and kiss the famous Blarney Stone which is said to give the gift of gab. For a bit of Ireland’s seafaring history, venture to Cobh and visit 1 of the many museums that preserve the port’s rich and colorful past, including the fact that it was the last port of call for the doomed Titanic. Cobh also served as one of the main ports used by the millions of emigrants who sailed to the New World during the tragic famine in the mid-1800s and those with Irish ancestry can track family lineage back to this unassuming, yet immensely appealing city.

With over 670 miles of coastline, you can bet that seafood plays a large role in the booming culinary scene. County Cork has brought Ireland into the gastronomical spotlight and is the top Irish destination for foodies. Utilizing local beef and pork pasture-raised in the surrounding lowlands and the bounty of seafood found just offshore, restaurants are jumping on the slow food trend and finding huge success due to the high quality ingredients sourced nearby and the adventurous nature of chefs. Dining well in County Cork is no great challenge, whether you choose the lauded Ballymaloe House that is credited for revolutionizing the regional cuisine, or simply visit one of the wonderful street markets to collect fresh breads, cured meat, and artisanal relishes and jams.

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County Cork, Ireland


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County Cork, Ireland Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Our Concierges look forward to curating unforgettable experiences for you and our family and friends. Here are some examples of things they can plan for you while staying in County Cork with Time & Place:

  • Take to the seas and admire the dramatic coastline from a different vantage point. Yachting is a see-and-be-seen activity in the lovely ports in County Cork.
  • What is Ireland without whiskey? A private tour of one of the distilleries allows a peek into the process and makes for the perfect souvenir.
  • We can’t leave golf off our list! Tee times at the best courses (like the Old Head Golf Links) will give you a new appreciation for the sport.
Luxury Vacations in County Cork, Ireland: Attractions, Activities, and Food

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