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The island of Sardinia is unique from Italy’s mainland in more ways than one. Here, you’ll find a way of life marked by traditions, culinary and otherwise, unlike anywhere else in the world. Our luxury apartment rentals will help you explore the hidden depths of this deceptively small paradise.  

While you may not go for the island’s famously pungent cheese, the emphasis on local resources makes Sardinia the perfect place for the adventurous eater. Naturally, there’s plenty of fresh seafood along the coast, and meats are prepared in the rural inland areas. Savvy travelers will want to go out of the way to sample both, preferably with a glass of wine.

With so much to see, Sardinia is a great place for the backpacking explorer. In fact, hiking may be the best way to view its rugged coastlines and ancient ruins, many of which are seemingly untouched by time. With its pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue Mediterranean waters, scuba diving is also a must. Whatever you do during your visit to Sardinia, be sure to consult our expert concierges to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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Villa Maratua

Sardinia, Italy


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Sardinia Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place concierges live in Sardinia and can curate luxury travel experiences beyond anything you may have imagined. We can also arrange:

  • Expert hiking tours along the Sardinian coast.
  • Wine tasting in Sardinia’s laidback countryside.
  • Trips to the area’s best secluded beaches.
Luxury Vacations in Sardinia, Italy: Attractions, Activities, and Food

Before You Go: Sardinia Vacation Tips

Nothing should get in the way of your perfect experience. Check these helpful tips for ensuring a smooth journey.