Olive groves, rolling hills and Medieveal towns: Italy at its best
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Scenic. Lush. Historic. 3 words that only begin to illustrate the stunning Umbria region in Italy. Each word is stretched to the limit of its meaning with lustrous silver light, rolling hills resplendent with olive trees, and charming towns teeming with rich art history.

The cities that dot the hilltops are soaked in history and characterized by their medieval stone streets, magnificent architecture, museums filled with masterpieces, and the spirits of saints whispering in the breeze. Largely untouched by tourism, the purity that the Umbria area retains is what makes it so desirable as a luxury vacation destination. Nowhere else in Italy will you wander through the villages and see families carrying on the same traditions as generations before them. Whether you visit Assisi with the shrine and tomb of the haloed saint, Orvieto with its Etruscan influence and stunning duomo, Spoleto with its music culture and wealth of monuments and historical sites, or the capital of Perugia with legendary chocolate and fantastic people watching, you will fall in love with this unspoiled stretch of Italy. Dine on the finest charcuterie, fresh pasta, and wines so fabulous they rarely make appearances on wine lists outside the region. (We can’t blame them for not wanting to share). The friendly locals and gorgeous streets will make you feel as though you’ve stepped onto a movie set where everything has been perfectly designed to give off an aura of undeniable charm.

The beauty of Umbria is hard to describe. The particular silver haze that illuminates the layers upon layers of hills that seem to undulate like ocean waves is challenging to describe to those who have never experienced it. The pastoral panoramas you witness will stay with you forever and may saturate your daydreams with bucolic images not found anywhere else in the world. Blue skies, golden fields, green vineyards and groves; it’s no wonder that Umbria is filled with Renaissance masterpieces and has inspired so many renowned artists for centuries.

Umbria is heaven on earth for Foodies with a wealth of local delicacies that are frequently served with flecks of truffles on top to add a unique depth of flavor. The delicious local green-gold olive oil drizzled over fresh bread and used extensively in recipes will delight you with its rich flavor. Cured meats and handmade pasta steal the show and you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of ingredients so masterfully combined to create dishes you’ll reminisce about for years to come. The magic of the Umbrian landscape has seeped into the food it produces and enchants with every taste.

Umbria is a fairytale setting that will enthrall you with its romance and history and you’ll want to return year after year to this utterly bewitching destination.

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Umbria Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place local Concierges love to create memorable and delightful travel experiences for every guest. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Get an intimate glimpse at the gorgeous countryside with a private guided bike tour
  • Explore the area’s most prized medieval and Renaissance artwork with a tour crafted to your personal taste
  • Umbrian wines stand on their own. Sample wines that you’re not likely to find outside the region
Luxury Vacations in Umbria, Italy: Attractions, Activities, and Food

Before You Go: Umbria Vacation Tips

Nothing should get in the way of your perfect experience. Check these helpful tips for ensuring a smooth journey.