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More visitors flock to the sunny shores of the Dominican Republic than any other island in the Caribbean. No wonder as it offers over 1,000 miles of gorgeous beaches and locals that welcome tourists with gusto. Adventure seekers will relish the opportunity to get their adrenaline rushing with the multitude of outdoor activities that can take place in the mountains, rainforests, and of course, the ocean. The cultural influence of this beautiful destination is just as alluring as its physical beauty. Immerse yourself in the food, architecture, and more of what makes this island so special.

The beauty of the island has many dimensions. With this diverse offering of mountain, sand, and sea, there is no end to the activities to get your blood pumping. Zip-line your way through the jungle, discover majestic waterfalls or take advantage of some of the best windsurfing in the world. If you’d rather take it easy on vacation, lounge under your umbrella on the beach or indulge in a beachfront massage or yoga class.

For those looking to get their hearts racing after the sun goes down, the nightlife in the DR is not to be missed. At the heart of this vibrant culture is the merengue, the national dance and a time-honored pastime. For more peeks into the fascinating culture, a day trip to Santo Domingo reveals the depth the island’s history. As the oldest city in the New World, you’ll discover Colonial architecture in the fortresses and plazas and the underlying beat of an energetic and lively people. Food is always an excellent foray into experiencing a new place and the Latin and Caribbean flair in the Dominican Republic guarantees you’ll be eating and drinking well here!

With all that you crave in a beach getaway, the Dominican Republic also offers a chance to explore a beautiful culture and experience the pure joy that comes with visiting this enchanting island. There are a million reasons to visit the Dominican Republic, which one calls to you?

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Villa Barlovento

Dominican Republic

A Luxurious 4-Bedroom Retreat in Punta Cana Resort. Escape to the tropical haven of Villa Barlovento, a 4-bedroom oasis within Punta Cana Resort, offering opulent living, breathtaking views, and exclusive access to resort amenities.


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Dominican Republic Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place well-connected Concierges love to create memorable and delightful luxury travel experiences for every guest. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Coffee and Cocoa are major exports for the DR. Take a tour of a plantation and be sure to bring home a taste of the island
  • Whale watching becomes even more of an event aboard a private yacht with a freshly prepared picnic and champagne
  • Take your relaxation to the next level with an extravagant spa day or massage on the beach
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