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The original luxury vacation destination for the wealthy in the Gilded Age and the inspiration for the term “snowbirds,” Amelia Island is full of spectacular beauty and deep history. Part of a string of barrier islands in northeast Florida, Amelia Island is a magical stretch of land that has stunning beaches, historical sites, and more golf than you can imagine. This Atlantic haven is a wonderful destination that will provide lasting memories for families and a romantic backdrop for couples looking for an escape.

The beaches are a main draw of any island, and those found along the 13-mile stretch of coastline here are no exception. The pristine shores of Amelia Island are perfect for exploring and shell-hunting, sunbathing, and more adventurous pursuits like paddle boarding and surfing. Sand dunes fringe the length of the coast, some towering as high as 40 feet. These are the only “high rises” you’ll see as the skyscrapers and soaring resorts found elsewhere in Florida have not infiltrated this charming island. Some of the dunes are protected by a series of boardwalks for you to ramble over, on foot or by bike, as you scan the ocean for whale spouts, search the sands for signs of sea turtles, or listen for birds in the rustling dune grasses. Horseback riding, kayaking in the salt marshes and other water sports are also on hand to fill your itinerary with seaside delight.

Amelia Island invites you to dig in to its unique history dating back to 1562. The presence of pirates, Native Americans, French, Spanish, British, and Confederate groups have woven an intricate and fascinating history over the centuries. This rich background can be explored through the museum or walking tours that showcase points of interest.

Golf lovers, rejoice! We have found golf heaven and it is found on Amelia Island. Amelia boasts 117 holes of golf to keep you entertained. With courses that host every skill level and many designed to beautifully echo the natural landscape, we’re certain you’ll enjoy hitting the links. Award winning courses aren’t difficult to find and Amelia Island has also been named one of the “Top 25 Islands Golf Islands in the World.” Ocean vistas abound, as does fun while you play your way around the island.

A quaint and welcoming historical downtown invites you to wander the quiet streets as you admire the splendid Victorian homes and explore the charming shops and restaurants. Residents are known to be friendly and you won’t find the noisy nightclub culture like in most beach towns. A perfectly peaceful vacation with ample opportunities to unwind is what Amelia Island has to offer. We can’t imagine a more captivating location for your next Time & Place luxury vacation.

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Amelia Island Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place Concierge Services are pleased to tailor travel experiences for every guest. Here are some ideas of what we can do to create a lifetime of lasting memories for you:

  • What better place to take a private golf lesson than here? Bring your own clubs or we can arrange them for you.
  • Take a customized tour of the historic district. Children and adults alike will enjoy the peek into the island’s colorful past.
  • Fishing is a favored pastime here with a large variety of fish to catch. By boat or on land, we’d love to plan a fishing outing for you.
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