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The siren song of Greece calls you to its unparalleled beauty. The sparkling cerulean sea, striking whitewashed architecture, and wild countryside are impossible to forget once you’ve experienced it for yourself. We’ve discovered a pristine location that has yet to be sullied by hordes of eager tourists: welcome to Folegandros!

Part of the Cyclades island group, Folegandros is a tiny island with a lot to offer. Far from its larger counterparts like Santorini and Mykonos, this picturesque destination doesn’t offer the energetic nightlife or organized recreation and outings, but its secluded location and quiet temperament are immensely attractive to those seeking an authentic Greek experience. Ramble through the hills while the fragrance of wild herbs wafts through the breeze and the muted crash of waves serenade you. Folegandros is a rocky paradise with spectacular cliffs that overlook the Aegean Sea. The pristine water serves as a postcard-perfect backdrop for picnics or quiet contemplation as you memorize the different shades of blue undulating in the distance. Further explorations will lead you to the beaches, including the crown jewel, Angali beach, with sugar-white sand and calm waters. Additional secluded beaches are easily found by hiking or perusing the coastline by boat.

Folegandros boasts villages full of history and friendly residents. Chora welcomes visitors to enjoy its charming town center with blooming trees and opportunities to enjoy local fare. Ano Meria is the second-largest village and offers a look at local life through its folk art museum and a nearly 100 year old lighthouse. Throughout these villages, a number of tavernas and cafes provide authentic local cuisine with fresh seafood, divine pasta dishes, and fantastic mezze plates. As Folegandros rises in popularity, the dining options have increased and met the standards for fresh food and quality preparation.

If you crave a peaceful place to soak in Grecian beauty, Folegandros is a choice that is slightly off-the-beaten path without having to sacrifice the age old pleasures of great dining or pristine beaches. This Time & Place destination invites you to experience the classic Greek Isle delights like dramatic views, warm Aegean water, and charming villages. Enjoy the tranquility that echoes the serene setting of this mystical island on your next luxury vacation.

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Folegandros, Greece

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Folegandros Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Your Time & Place Concierge can customize unique experiences for an unforgettable luxury vacation. Here’s what we could do for you:

  • A sunset cruise around the island is a dreamy way to see Folegandros from a new perspective. Let our Concierge take care of all the details
  • Donkey rides are a popular mode of transportation. We can hire a private guide to lead you around to the island’s most beautiful sights
  • There are so many activities for you on the crystal blue water. From scuba-diving to fishing to paddle boarding, we’ll make sure we arrange something for everyone
Luxury Vacations in Folegandros, Greece: Attractions, Activities, and Food

Before You Go: Folegandros Vacation Tips

Nothing should get in the way of your perfect experience. Check these helpful tips for ensuring a smooth journey.