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Corsica is an island full of rich history and untamed beauty. While many islands in the Mediterranean have been softened by their inhabitants, Corsica’s allure runs wild along its stunning coastlines, rugged mountain range and charming villages. Wind your way across the island on the turning and twisting roads as you discover the Mediterranean’s hidden gem that is Corsica.

Home to 200 beaches that range from peaceful inlets, azure coves with panoramic views, and surfing hot spots, the fine white sands found throughout the island invite you to explore until you find the beach that suits you best. With so many miles of coastline, water activities are abundant. Sailing and yachting are popular pastimes, as is diving. The sparkling waters of the Mediterranean call for you to come out and enjoy the pleasant temperature and magnificent views.

With the wide selection of beaches, the towering mountain range seems to be a contradiction to the powdery sands and umbrella culture along the coasts. The mountain range runs through the island and provides opportunities for activities like hiking and mountain biking, horseback riding, as well as freshwater swimming and fishing in deep water lakes and rivers.

The villages of Corsica are as diverse as the landscapes. With both French and Italian influences, everything from the architecture to the cuisine is a wonderful compilation of this Mediterranean melting pot. Throughout the island you will find captivating towns; tiny fishing villages perched on cliffs, larger hamlets with architectural gems and must-see landmarks, and seaside resorts with gorgeous beaches. The laid back life of the Mediterranean is maintained well here, whether you’re at the top of a peak, have your toes in the sand, or feel the warm breezes rushing around you as you sail the pristine waters surrounding Corsica.

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Corsica Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place Concierges can’t wait to get to know you and your family and friends. Here are some of the luxury travel experiences they can plan for your during your stay with Time & Place:

  • Get a dose of Corsican history with a private guided tour of renowned Genoese and Romanesque landmarks, Greek ruins or centuries old military strongholds
  • Take a romantic sunset sail and indulge in freshly caught seafood and locally produced wines
  • The wineries of Corsica cannot be missed; take a private tour of the rambling vineyards and end with a tasting
Luxury Vacations in Corsica, France: Attractions, Activities, and Food

Before You Go: Corsica Vacation Tips

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