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Absolutely stunning and located only 4 miles away from Nice and 6 miles away from Monaco, this Time & Place luxury destination is a natural set for many movie makers, from “An Affair to Remember” to the “Bourne Identity.” While we cannot assure you that you will find celebrities, take one look at the sweeping turquoise bay and colorful buildings, and you will understand why so many of them choose to visit here for an escape from reality.

The apricot-colored buildings greet you in the gorgeous bay, and the luxurious cruise ships which dock here only add to its charm. Take a stroll along the main part of town, and enjoy the many different restaurants and boutiques. Take in Villa Leopolda – home of King Leopold II of Belgium, considered the most expensive house in the world, or the elegant Chapelle Saint Pierre, built in the 16th century. Or, charge a boat and go sailing on the sapphire blue waters. Or, just find yourself on the beach, drink in hand, and not a care in the world.

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Le Magenta

Villefranche, France


$122 - $261/night


Villefranche Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Our Concierges love Villefranche-sur-Mer and look forward to curating and creating unforgettable experiences for you and our family and friends. Here are some examples of things they can plan for you:

  • Take a private tour of the quaint tour of Villefranche, and discover the Rue Obscure.
  • One of Villefranche’s charms is its fabulous location close to Nice, Cannes and Montecarlo – enjoy everything these luxury locations offer, from fine restaurants, fabled marinas to elegant casinos. We can guide you.
  • Let us make reservations for you at the latest restaurant or share recommendations for the wonderful small eateries lining the port.
Luxury Vacations in Villefranche, France: Attractions, Activities, and Food

Before You Go: Villefranche Vacation Tips

Nothing should get in the way of your perfect experience. Check these helpful tips for ensuring a smooth journey.