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The third largest island in the alluring Cyclades island group, Tinos is an undiscovered gem with beautiful villages and undisturbed beaches. If a peaceful holiday without crowds and tourist traps is what you had in mind, this is the place for you.

Frequented more by Greeks themselves than hordes of tourists, Tinos offers wild landscapes, craggy mountain tops, and secluded beaches. This island delights in the simple pleasures of life and has an allure that is hard to resist. Settle in to the beauty of the Aegean gently washing onto the shore, the ancient churches with striking white facades and the exquisite thrill of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Major attractions include the neoclassic Church of the Panagia which draws thousands of orthodox Greek pilgrims to worship the Virgin Mary. The impressive church houses relics of great religious importance and the significance of the church matches its striking exterior and ornate interior.

The beaches of Tinos are bereft of sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, as well as waiters serving fruity drinks. What it lacks in commercial amenities it makes up for in solitude and beauty. Beaches near Tinos Town are often more populated and easily accessible, while more tranquil options lie further from the city. Beaches on Tinos vary from pebbles, to sandy, or rocky. With so many to choose from, you’ll often find yourself very little company. Pack a picnic, a book, and plenty of sunscreen for a beautiful day looking out at the sapphire blue of the sea while you enjoy peace and quiet.

Tinos Town (or Chora) is modern and busy, but the island is covered in charming villages with taverns and markets that you will love exploring. After a swim or snorkel, find a nearby village where you’ll be greeted by friendly locals that serve up fresh caught fish and local wines. The island once relied on doves for both food and sport and hundreds of dovecotes can be found all over Tinos. Signage and paths can lead you to more decorative examples, as well as those that were built in the 17th century.

For a Greek escape like none other, Tinos is the ideal island to truly get away from it all.

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Tinos Luxury Vacation Experiences:

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  • Carved marble is a specialty of Tinos. Take a peek at this incredible art with a guided tour of pieces found on the island
  • Without an airport getting to Tinos requires a boat ride. Why not make it a yacht to begin your stay in style?
  • Find the best dining on the island with our insider suggestions
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