Yeah, mon. The home of reggae is also bountiful in rainforests, waterfalls, & beaches

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The moment you set foot in Jamaica, the omnipresent island rhythm can be detected. Just try to resist the urge to dance as you make your way through Montego Bay’s nightclubs and Kingston’s block parties. From the dance halls to the streets, music is everywhere. And whether you want to practice your moves or relax by the beach, our luxury apartment rentals are perfect for your stay.

You’ve never really had Caribbean cuisine until you’ve been to Jamaica. Popular staples such as jerk chicken and curried goat are complemented by locally caught seafood, and those who like their food extra spicy are sure to find something to sate their quest for fire since many dishes are spiked with the island’s intense scotch bonnet chilies. Jamaica’s famous rum and coffee will help you perk up or slow down.  

Beyond the manicured, resort-lined beaches, you’ll find much to explore. Discover hidden waterfalls in the island’s lush rainforest, which is perfect for hiking, or make your way along the trail to the peak of the famous Blue Mountain. Those inclined toward aquatic adventure can scuba dive, snorkel and raft in Jamaica’s pristine blue waters. Whatever you do, be sure to consult our concierges for expert recommendations.

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Jamaica Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place concierges live in Jamaica, so they have the expertise to curate luxury travel experiences for guests. We can also help you:

  • Find you the best places to eat and drink in Jamaica, from sublime rum to freshly grilled jerk chicken.
  • Locate the best hiking or biking trails along the Jamaican coast.
  • Explore the swimming spots that tourists don’t know about.
Luxury Vacations in Jamaica: Attractions, Activities, and Food

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