Sainte Maxime, France
Sainte Maxime

Relaxation mingled with history, beautiful beaches and the best of the French Riviera

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La Romarine

La Romarine

Sainte Maxime, France

You will love the panoramic views and the location close to town and the beach

$1,030 - $1,802/night


Your Luxury Sainte Maxime Vacation

Sainte Maxime, the quieter, more peaceful and family-friendly neighbor of Saint Tropez, has all you need for a calm and culturally rich vacation. The white sand beaches along the coast might echo the highly sought- after beaches of its more famous neighbor, but the quiet village with its markets, quaint customs, and interesting architecture belong solely to Sainte Maxime. This Time & Place destination combines the joie-de-vivre of provencal France and the allure of the French Riviera for a unique and satisfying vacation.

Activities on the pristine waters are popular here and you will find beaches dedicated to swimming, sailing instruction, diving instruction, as well as one specifically for water skiing and jet skiing. In the village you will find many shops and cafes as well as lovely old buildings that rise elegantly from the cobblestoned streets. Some of the architecture is historically significant, dating back hundreds of years, and is tempered by stylish villas built in the early twentieth century. Sainte Maxime also has a friendly population of villagers whose families have likely lived in the area for many generations and they are happy to continue with the town’s annual traditions such as the May Day festival and the celebration of the town’s namesake: Sainte Maxime.

As you wander through the village and on the beaches, you will soon learn why Sainte Maxime has attracted poets, artists, and writers for many years; they have found inspiration in the beautiful scenery and the 300 days of sunshine per year.

Sainte Maxime is magical in its simplicity and you may find yourself lured into the gentle rhythm of delightful days and unforgettable nights in this unique town. Enjoy your stay in a luxury vacation home with Time & Place. Contact our travel team today!


Our Concierges look forward to curating and creating unforgettable experiences for you and our family and friends. Here are some examples of things they can plan for you while staying in Sainte Maxime with Time & Place:

  • What’s your ideal tee time? Let us schedule a round at one of the many golf courses nearby.
  • We would love for you to see the coast of the Cote d’Azur the way its meant to be seen: by private yacht, of course!
  • Take a private tour of one of the olive oil mills and learn what it takes to get the optimal flavor into this precious (and flavorful) liquid.
Sainte Maxime, France: Attractions, Activities, and Food

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