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Idyllic sea side locale bearing the honor as the birthplace of golf

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Scotland inspires romantic visions of heather-filled glens and crumbling castles all twined together with threads of ancient Celtic folklore. While Scotland is all of those things, it is also a country of visionaries and innovators. From this wild landscape came many inventions, including color photography, penicillin, and of course, golf! St. Andrews, Scotland is a destination with a spectacularly deep history and a solidly modern outlook; a winning combination for an unforgettable experience.

Golf and St. Andrews, Scotland are synonymous and with good reason as this is the birthplace of golf. With rampant greenery and open land, it’s easy to see why. Golfers have been playing the Old Course by the sea since the 1500s and this area is a pilgrimage for those that are serious about the sport. St. Andrews is home to 6 other notable courses making the game accessible to all ages and skill levels. Visitors will also want to make a stop at the British Golf Museum for an additional glimpse into this sport’s rich history.

If you’ve come for the landscape, you won’t be disappointed. Scotland exhibits a startling array of natural beauty from the striking beauty of the glens and lochs, to the sheer cliffs that plummet into the sea and the wild islands of the north and west. St. Andrews and the region of Fife itself, is home to quaint fishing villages with white sandy beaches. History fans will rejoice in the opportunity to explore the ruins of Scotland’s largest cathedral dating back to 1160, as well as the town’s castle ruins. Designated as the county’s oldest university town, there is no shortage of architecture and historic buildings to feast your eyes on.

Dining well has become an easy accomplishment with the global trend of using fresh, local ingredients. While traditional dishes like haggis and neeps, or fish and chips are still rampant, more attention is given to succulent lamb, locally raised beef locally and fish caught off the coast. While Scotland might not have previously been a culinary destination, it is quickly changing its reputation with the advent of adopting new trends and the influence of rising chefs. St. Andrews has a wide variety of casual and fine dining, and if the mood strikes for a more urban setting, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow are an easy drive.

This small city has a whole lot to offer. With bucket list golf courses, impressive medieval ruins and architecture, and a quiet sea-side ambiance, St. Andrews is an extraordinary choice for your next vacation with Time & Place.

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Hawkswood House

St. Andrews, Scotland

Picturesque Peat Inn setting with its own short game area, perfect for larger groups



St Andrews Luxury Vacation Experiences:

Time & Place Concierges love creating unforgettable travel experiences for each one of our guests. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • If you’ve come to golf, let us arrange tee times and direct you to the most exclusive courses in the area.
  • Guided walks can give you a sense of Scotland’s history and expose you to local wildlife and the beauty of the country

  • With deep roots and rich history, there is always an event on. We’ll let you know what’s new this week so you don’t miss an authentic cultural experience
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